“You helped Beckenham Fireworks in the Park raise almost £90,000 for good causes in 2022! The 5th Beckenham South Scout Group are proud to be able to make grants to local charities and support our own good work in the community.”

Messages from some of the charities we have supported

Living Well Bromley (2022)

“Thank you for the overwhelming donation of £10,000 to Living Well.

This donation will go a very long way to keep our foodbank operational.  In the twelve months since September 2021, we have seen a 101% increase in adults and 191% increase in children using our foodbank.  In September 2022 we were spending £800 a week to top up our foodbank stock, and although this has reduced since our recent harvest campaign, we expect to be needing to buy more food once again in the new year.

We continue to provide our hot meal every Friday for 220 people and offer a warm space in our café during foodbank sessions.  Further support is offered through our advocacy and counselling services, all of which are free.

Thanks to your generosity, we will be able to ensure these critical services continue to be made available to those in need in the local community”

More about Living Well Bromley

St Christopher’s Hospice (2022)

“Thank you so much, £10,000 is an amazing amount of money.

Many thanks again for supporting St Christopher’s.”

More on St Christopher’s Hospice

Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice (2022)

“Thank you so much for donating £1,000 to the Hospice.  For us, this means we can continue our work knowing that there are people like you in the local community who won’t let us down.

The past few months have been hectic. But the silver lining in the cloud for us has been the local community. Because of generous people like you, we have been able to, and will continue to give incredible care to everyone in the community that needs it.

I hope you continue to stand with us in the coming months, so that whatever may happen next, our Hospice will continue to be here, giving the very best care to those at end of life.”

More  on Greenwich & Bexley Community Hospice

Bromley Brighter Beginnings (2022)

“Thank you and the 5th Beckenham South Scout Group for the donation of £700 for our charity. It’s donations like these that allow us to continue to help the local community.”

More on Bromley Brighter Beginnings

Centrepoint (2022)

“Thank you very much for your £250 donation to Centrepoint via our website following a fireworks display you held with the 5th Beckenham Scouts! We really appreciate your generosity, which will make a huge difference!

The money you have raised will support vulnerable homeless young people, especially during the current cost-of-living crisis. In the last year, the numbers of those needing emergency food support has quadrupled, and, with bills rising, they are struggling to afford to live.”

More information on Centrepoint

Baca Charity UK (2022)

“Thank you so much for your support. Your donation invests into the lives of our young people, helping them to have hope for their future”

More information on Baca UK

RNLI (2022)

“Thank you so much for donating £250.00 to the RNLI. Your contribution will help to pay for training, protective kit, and operational support that allows our lifeboat crews and lifeguards to save lives at sea.

We rely on the kindness of people like you, and your friends and family, to continue our work.  So on behalf of everyone at the RNLI – thank you.”

More about the RNLI

Diabetes UK (2022)

“Thank you for your donation .

You’ve joined a community helping to fight diabetes head on and who are there for people with diabetes and their loved ones. Your help will mean more people will keep safe and well.

We’re already working hard to ensure your donation supports as many people as possible. With more lives to change than ever before, we won’t stop now and your donation truly makes all the difference.

More information on Bromley Diabetes UK

Raw Material Music and Media Education (2022)

“Nurturing raw talent, catalysing creative development, and supporting mental health through industry-standard music and media pathways for diverse communities at our creative South London Community Hub and via our vibrant online community.”

More on Raw Material

Gordon Moody Association (2022)

“A huge thank you from all the team at Gordon Moody. We’ve been saving lives since 1971 and your support means we can continue to do this by offering safe and supportive environments where people can reclaim and rebuild their lives free from gambling addiction.  “I don’t say this lightly but the team at Gordon Moody saved my life” (Mark Murray: Co-founder of Whysup and former Gordon Moody Resident)”

More on Gordon Moody

Bromley & Croydon Women’s Aid (2022)

“Thank you very much for your donation of £1,000 to our campaign, Christmas Is No Excuse For Abuse. Our campaign with the Big Give is match funded which means that your donation is now £2000!

It’s a really vulnerable time for those suffering domestic abuse. The cost of living is preventing women from fleeing and we often see domestic abuse incidents increase during the festive season. Thanks to your generosity we can be there for those who need us this Christmas.

Your donation will go toward our welfare fund which purchases essential items (bedding, toiletries, etc.) for those who are moving into refuge with little to no belongings, offers supermarket vouchers to allow women in refuge to purchase food or toys for Christmas day, and pays for therapeutic activities/days out which help women and their children to overcome the trauma of abuse and reduce isolation.

Thank you once again for your contribution and your invaluable support”

More information on BCWA

Lewisham Donation Hub (2022)

“That is wonderful.  Thank you so much for your donation of £1,000.

Please thank your volunteers for choosing us. The donation will be put to very good use.  Thank you”

More information about the Lewisham Donation Hub

Other Charities Supported in 2022

Bromley Diabetes (2021)

“Thank you and the Scouts for the very generous donation to Bromley Diabetes UK group.  £600 is a fantastic figure. So pleased that the event was a success.”

More information on Bromley Diabetes UK

Bromley & Croydon Women’s Aid (2021)

THANK YOU! So much for your generous donation.

More information on BCWA

PAPYRUS Charity (2021)

PAPYRUS Prevention of Young Suicide is the UK charity dedicated to the prevention of suicide and the promotion of positive mental health and emotional wellbeing in young people.

More information on Papyrus

The Primrose Centre

Thank you from the Primrose Centre – click to enlarge

Our grant will fund 40 therapy sessions in 2018

“The Primrose Centre fulfills a huge need in supporting hundreds of visitors diagnosed each year with breast cancer. Visitors come from a large geographical area within London and the South East.

The charity does not make a charge for therapies but is enormously grateful for donations which provide services now and into the future.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer we are pleased to help you through your recovery just ask and we will be there for you every step of the way”

More information about The Primrose Centre

Demelza Hospice

“At Demelza, we’re here to make life better for babies, children and young people who have life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, and to support their parents, brothers and sisters, and all those who love them. We’ve been providing this care since 1998 and, through the generosity of others, we can continue to be there for families for years to come.”

More information about Demelza Hospice

Bromley Diabetes UK

“Our goal is to provide support and educate people living with diabetes, as well as their family, friends and anyone else who is interested in knowing more about diabetes.

We encourage those interested to attend our group meetings which are a welcoming and social environment for people to discuss diabetes and its effects. Support and companionship are some of the simplest yet most important aspects of living with diabetes – this is why our group exists and we want to help in any way that we can.”

More information about Bromley Diabetes UK

Lewisham Hospital Geriatric Unit

“We look after patients over the age of 65 with multiple co-morbidities, including falls, infections, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, delirium, dementia, and patients requiring rehabilitation.”

More about Elderly Care in Lewisham

St Christopher’s Hospice Young Adults Group

Moving from children’s services to adult services is not always easy. This service aims to reach young people aged 17-25 living in South East London with a life-limiting illness. Our grant of over £1,000  will pay for one young adult to attend a 4-day music festival – including the support and medical staff.

“As a member of the young adults group I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has come together to support and make this happen.

The support is amazing getting young people out more and showing them there is more to life than we think, interacting with others and engaging in activities.

In fact just the going out and meeting people is really good, who support you and make us feel normal instead of being in the same place every day and being around the same people can get boring.”

Young Adults Project member

More information about the St Christopher’s Hospice Young Adults’ Group

Other Donations

We also awarded smaller grants of to the following charities and local good causes:

  • Friends of Croydon Road Rec
  • Bowie Beckenham Oddity
  • 1st Biggin Hill Scouts
  • 3rd Beckenham Brownies
  • 16th Beckenham Brownies
  • Sir Oswald Stoll Foundation
  • Penge Cycle Club
  • Bishop Challoner PTA
  • St Mary’s PTA
  • 23rd Bromley Guides (St Edmund’s)
  • 1st Biggin Hill Explorer Scout Unit
  • City of London Round Table
  • Beckenham Vultures Explorer Scout Unit
  • Shipwrecked Fisherman and Mariners’ Royal Benevolent Society