Can I buy an advance ticket?

Our advanced ticket sales have now closed.  Tickets will be available on the gate.

Are you selling tickets on the gate?

You can buy tickets for entrance on the gate with cash or card.  We have nearly half the capacity of the park available for purchase on the night.  

Will I be able to get into the event with an advanced ticket?

We aim to admit everyone with an advance ticket if they arrive before the gates close at 7:15pm.    There will be separate queues for ticket holders, watch out for our marshals who will guide you to the right queue.

Will I be able to get into the event without an advanced ticket?

We have kept nearly half the capacity of the park available to be purchased on the night, using cash or cards.  Look out for the cash  & card queues, and please have your cash or card ready to pay when you reach the gate.

The park does have a safe capacity and we will close the gates for cash & card customers once this is reached. .

What time should I arrive to ensure I can buy a ticket?

We advise arriving as early as you can, gates will open at 5pm in Croydon Road and Village Way.   It’s hard to predict how busy the queues will be and we will have to close ticket sales when the park is full.

Can I see both the Quiet And Main Displays on the same ticket?

Yes, once you are in the park you can watch either or both displays.  We don’t allow re-admittance for any ticket types, so once you are in the park you will need to stay to see both displays.

Can I buy a ticket on the gate that my friends or family can then use later?

No, tickets bought on the night only allow those present at the time to enter the park.  If others arrive later, they will need to buy their own tickets.

Do all the stalls and fairground rides take credit cards?

Not all the rides and stalls may take credit cards, so we recommend you bring some cash.   We don’t allow re-admittance once you have entered the park, so make sure you bring cash with you.

It may be raining, will you be going ahead?

We will proceed with the event if it is safe to do so.  Rain is not unexpected in November, so bring a coat!   If it’s flooded, too windy or a storm, we may have to cancel the event – please keep an eye on our website.

I, or my family, have special requirements.  Can you help?

Contact us on

I haven’t received my advanced ticket, what should I do?

Contact  they will be able to
arrange delivery of your tickets.   If you are having problems contact us at .

I have another question

Contact us at .